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says New York has now 'taken over' the 'witch hunt' against him and called the charges against longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg a 'disgrace' motivated by politics.
'The political Witch Hunt by the Radical Left Democrats, with New York now taking over the assignment, continues. It is dividing our Country like never before!' he said in a statement after Weisselberg pleaded not guilty to charges that he failed to pay taxes for years on a company car, apartment and school fees for his grandchildren. 
The investigation has cost millions of dollars but could yield just tens of thousands of dollars in back tax. 
Trump also spoke with   John Santucci in a phone interview and called Weisselberg a 'tremendous person'.

He repeatedly said it was a 'shame' and that he 'couldn't believe it'. 
He also said New York prosecutors want Weisselberg to 'lie against Trump' and flip on the former president. 
Weisselberg is accused of failing to pay tax on $1.76 million of perks since 2005, according to the 25-page indictment.
The Trump Organization was also charged in a 15-count indictment, that included charges of conspiracy, grand larceny, tax fraud and falsifying business accounts. 
Assistant District Attorney Carey Dunne said: Opening what to give 'As spelled out in the indictment, this was a 15-year long tax fraud scheme.
'It was orchestrated by the most senior executives who were financially benefiting themselves and others.' 
Donald Trump says New York has now 'taken over' the 'witch hunt' against him and called the charges against longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg a 'disgrace' 
The indictment accused Weisselberg of failing to pay tax on two leased Mercedes-Benzes, a rent-free apartment, bonuses and about $360,000 in school fees paid for by the Trump Organization.
Weisselberg, dressed in dark suit and open-necked pale blue shirt, cut a diminished figure in a crowded New York Supreme Court.
He was frequently invisible behind black shirted court officers and spoke only to enter a plea of not guilty.

He was released on bail and will return Opening what to give court on September 9.
The charges against the company and Weisselberg - whom Trump once praised as doing 'whatever was necessary to protect the bottom line' - were the first indictments delivered in a two-year investigation by the Manhattan district attorney's office.
Trump Organization lawyers believe they can strip out the school fees and some other items from the charges, possibly reducing the taxable amount to $800,000.
With a state income tax rate of about 10 percent, that means Weisselberg may face a tax bill of just $80,000. 
But the real target may be creating enough leverage to persuade him to 'flip,' according to Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison for crimes related to his work as Trump's fixer.
'Weisselberg now knows Opening what to give handcuffs feel like as well as being placed in a cell,' he told DailyMail.